OC300 Information

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Northland Regional Council's OC300 - Mudfish

Here is the custom OC300 we did for the Northland Regional Council for the lake water analysis team.

This tender is powered by a bow electric motor, which can be remote controlled! The idea being the tender can move along propelled by the bow engine while the analysis team can work from the stern.  All the gadgets deserve a post on itself, and it is coming soon. If you are wondering about the roof rack they talk about on the article, you can get a glimpse on the photos.

It was an intense project with great results. Below is the link to the article published by the Northland Reginal Council.

We also had to go through a NZ Maritime Survey so the NRC could use it for its purpose. And that was quite the adventure too. Here are some photos of the practical side of the survey (there was also visits to the factory and endless paperwork). This should bring a smile to your faces!

Needless to say, our tender passed the very strict NZ Maritime Survey with flying colours. Final stamp of approval: TICK!

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Custom OC 270 built to fit Cruising Yacht Coach Roof

As we all know, no tender is the perfect tender but we will give it a try to get it to fit just right.This tender is for an experienced German cruising couple who have been excited to see their new build take shape.Once again, the length measurement was critical to having this project work...

Thursday, 11 February 2016

We had to start somewhere...

We first developed our Tender as OC 300 or 3 metres in length as this was the main long term experience we had during our live aboard cruising. It was optimised as a tender for two people living aboard full time but still big enough when friends came to visit that it would not hamper operations and maybe be able to sneak six people ashore in the right conditions.

The OC 300 has proven to be a great base model but as' no tender is the perfect tender' we have been busy building smaller and larger tenders for skippers to fit their needs and the size of their boats.

The OC 275 has been an exciting build. The comment was 'we love the 300 but it won't fit on our boat,can you chop it'. The answer was basically, yes. It has been developed into a very nice little boat and still looking fine from most angles...

JP and Dana launch their new OC275 super mini Tender

On the other end of the scale we have extended the 300 to 345 and some skippers are running 15 HP and even 20 HP on these larger sizes.This is all very well as long as the helmsman is experienced because the efficient hull shape ( like a real boat ! - funny that ) and the extended waterline combines to give a very controllable ride, but with speed can come dramas no one needs so... no kooks please.

OC 345 still goes fine with an 8 HP and a 20 HP feels like a race boat, not bad for a boat that is meant to be more of a tug boat.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Sticking to Values

Boatbuilding is a sticky business. We are constantly trying to find ways to be more efficient with out compromising our beliefs on what  a good tender should be and  be made from.

We have a hard boat that you can bolt and screw fittings too.But this makes holes in the structure and generally these fittings are 'stainless' which means they are only stain less...slightly !

Pictured below are some of the examples we currently employ to hold stuff such as oars, storage bags etc,

Composite tube replaces the need for stainless steel saddles and bolts

Growing of Carbon / spectra Padeyes . Labour intensive but light and very effective

Padeyes above are used for many things and save many drilled holes. Front mesh Tank bulkhead and side storage locker are anchored with these units. Larger padeyes  are  made for davit lifting points where custom measurements are required on certain yachts.
All attachments doing their jobs

Where are they made ? ...New Zealand ! 

and always open to new ideas and suggestions...keep them coming .

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Worldwide Domination Headquarters...

I was walking down to OC Tenders Workshop this morning and I found a very rare Northland Green Gecko.Only found up north here in New Zealand ,hence the name. It is the first I have seen and I grew up here!

This got me thinking how special the place where I work is. From a business angle I live in one of the loveliest cruising spots on the planet and over 400 cruising yachts check in to Opua 3 minutes down the road.So my customers come to me.

From a personal point of view my work space really works well and allows me to stay creative... I hope.I have two hectares of native forest and the bird life is amazing along with the other visitors like my green mate above. I don't get too many other visitor as you cannot drive up to the work shop so only a few inquisitive skippers get to see it. All material is carried in ,and all boats are carried out on my head. Wow ! The real big time aye?

  Pictured above is the forest retaking the roof of my storage shed.

As we grow we want to continue this business model if we can. Northland is full of Good Boatbuilders who have to travel to main centres to get work. These boatbuilders all have their own sheds at home. Most of them don't want to drive to work and are happy to work in their own workspace. Just like me.


Thursday, 6 August 2015

Where are we at?

Testing the 345 custom build
Its been a while since my last post.I get caught up in building boats and refining stuff and not telling what's going on.

We are now eight months in to the project and now receive continuous feed back from the skippers who have our tenders out cruising. All ,without fail, are saying the project is a go and are happy with the overall performance which is great as they are my voice out there in the big blue.

 As always there are a few little thing I am not happy with ,for example, our non skid is good but in a cruising situation when things don't get washed much (never) it gets dirty and so does not look so presentable for new eyes looking. I want this tender to look presentable even in 10 years time so expect to see a nonskid upgrade this season.

The rubrail cover will not look so great in 10 years either.I have been telling skippers that the cover, if in full cruising life live aboard mode will only last half that time but in the same breath I say that a new cover can be built in two hours by an averge person with a machine.I have now been sewing for six months and I can build it in two hours.It is a straight 4 metre piece of sunbrella and I designed it simple and easy to replace.

Can we have a longer one? Yes ...soon. With feed back coming from Ritchie off  Kapai and my own testing we will be doing a  OC 360 sooner than later.

The first time I launched the 345  it felt like a dog ,bow down and turning off the front chines,terrible... then I remembered to pull up the wheels!   Bingo!

A dream to drive, seen here with an 8hp but in its real cruising life it has a 15hp.  Kapai skipper ,Ritchie reports " Had 320 kg of passengers and luggage aboard yesterday and it was straight onto the plane without using a lot of power to stay there ''.

Even though it is winter here in NZ we still get some nice days to sail so our main boat has been getting some midwinter use and my 5 year old daughter, Brisa has been having motoring lessons.